For Teachers


Thank you for all you give to our children!


Teacher Supplies for Kids, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is for teachers in public and private school systems, Pre-K through 12th grade, in "brick and mortar" schools located in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.


Teachers should take five minutes to sign up to begin receiving reimbursements.  We will confirm that you are teaching at your school, but we will not notify or contact your school administration or inform them that you have contacted this nonprofit. 


Once you have signed up, you may submit your out-of-pocket classroom expenses up to three times per school-calendar year. After you have signed up, please group your receipts for out-of-pocket expenses and email them to  Or you may text them to 240-425-5506.  Non-allowable items at this time are clothing, food and equipment but please do include sales tax and shipping charges if applicable.  


If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please email us at


Checks will be mailed to your home so be sure to keep us updated of any changes of address.


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Thanks for signing up with Teacher Supplies for Kids! We'll get back to you shortly once your sign-up has been entered.   Be sure to save your receipts for out-of-pocket classroom supplies!

Thank you very much for being a teacher!